Sunday, May 17, 2009

Unlocking Pro/Toolkit application

Before sending any application developed with Pro/Toolkit, it has to be unlocked.
Unlocked application enables users to run it without Pro/Toolkit license.

Users without Pro/Toolkit license may get errors in startup of application, if the application is not unlocked.

"The Pro/TOOLKIT application "PTKApp" was not unlocked before distribution to your site.
Please contact the provider of "PTKApp" for assistance."

Unlocking application for distribution:
  1. Firstly make sure if a valid Pro/Toolkit Development license is available.
    Start Pro/Engineer setup using <Pro/Engineer Installation>\bin\ptcsetup.bat.
    FLEXnet License Servers page should show Pro/Toolkit license available.
    Click on Exit button to exit setup.
  2. Use protk_unlock.bat for unlocking, which can be found in <Pro/Engineer Installation>\bin\.
    accepts paths to multiple exe or dll files to be unlocked.
    For example, on command prompt protk_unlock.bat can be used as:
    <Pro/Engineer Installation>\bin\protk_unlock "<Folder>\PTKApplication.dll"

For Pro/Toolkit application development, unlocking of files can be avoided using following steps:
  1. Start Pro/Engineer setup using <Pro/Engineer Installation>\bin\ptcsetup.bat.
    Make sure FLEXnet License Servers page is showing Pro/Toolkit license available.
  2. On Optional Configuration Steps page, select option Additional license configuration.
    Click on Next button.
  3. On License Configuration page, select Pro/Engineer license and click on Edit button.
    In Select Licenses dialog box, select Pro/Toolkit and click on arrow button to move it to Startup Extensions & floating licenses. Click on OK button to close Select Licenses dialog box.
  4. Click on Configure button to complete Pro/Engineer setup.


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